Thai Green Curry Chicken Noodles Recipe | (2024)

This Thai Green Curry Chicken recipe has three highlights: noodles coated in aromatic green curry coconut sauce, moist flavorful chicken, and promise of an easy one-pot weekday chicken dinner (my favorite).

This recipe showcase use of my Homemade Green Curry Paste. Green curry paste is heart and soul of a good green curry. And it not hard to make a fresh batch. It stays good in refrigerator for up-to 2 weeks. Once you have paste, green curry chicken noodles come together in a jiffy. No more than 20-25 minutes from wok to plate.

I can tell, you will love the flavors!

Curry paste is little spicy because it gets green color mainly from green chilies, (and a bit from cilantro stems). For homemade version, I like to remove the seeds from chilies to keep paste mild. Also, when making green curry, I use good quality coconut milk, chicken stock and little sweetness which gives three-fold flavor boost to the curry:

1) Makes a creamy Green Curry Sauce.
2) Tones the spicy flavor, making curry perfect for whole family.
3) Add kitchen is filled with signature Thai flavor and aroma. Imagine that first fragrance-hit when waitress place bowl of Thai chicken curry in front of you.

Oh, and if you like more spicy like we do? Simply add more paste. Get ready for Thai-style homemade green curry dinner. Yummm!

Thai Green Curry Chicken Noodles Recipe | (1)

I love serving bowl of green curry chicken with fresh ramen or egg noodles. Noodles sink in the creamy coconut curry sauce making every forkful worth digging for. That being said, the curry sauce is perfect on it's own too. It even goes great with side of steamed rice.

My first experience of this chicken curry noodles was long ago. Let's see. I think, more than 7 years ago when we were travelling back after a visit home and had connection in UK. During that visit, we had 8+ hours connection while going as well coming back.

I have already shared one other Noodle dish from that visit.Curry Laksa Soup. If you have not tried. I highly recommend it.

Thai Green Curry Chicken Noodles Recipe | (2)

Can I make Vegetarian Green Curry?

Yes, of course. If you are fan of Green Curry but prefer vegetarian. Feel free to use mushrooms or add more veggies for a vegetarian green curry. Actually, I have shared a vegan Mushroom and Brown Rice Green Curry on blog. The sauce is very similar. I'm sure you will love it.

Egg Noodles or Zoodles?

You choose. I would say, all work in this recipe. Cooking time will vary depending upon the cooking time for noodles. Like I cooked egg noodles right in the sauce after green curry was thick and almost ready. If using zucchini noodles, I would add in hot green curry right before serving.

You can also skip noodles and serve steamed rice on side. If sauce feels less. Double the quantity of coconut milk and stock, add 1/2 quantity more curry paste.

Making Green Curry Chicken:

You know when I was making this curry for blog. I also shot a video. To my surprise, for half of the video, video cam was off. LOL!

So, I'll not be able to share half video with one side view. :)

Honestly, making this Thai green curry is so easy... You really don't need a video. There are just three steps: cook chicken, cook sauce, cook noodles.

Thai Green Curry Chicken Noodles Recipe | (3)

To make curry, I start by sauteing chicken in a deep heavy bottom pan or wok. Once chicken has cooked, I drain it on paper towel while I cook green curry sauce. A quick saute of vegetables, and sauce simmer with coconut milk and stock. I always make sure to taste sauce for seasonings (most important). Once sauce has thickened, in goes chicken, noodles, splash of lemon juice. Egg noodles cook in about 4 minutes.

Remember, only cook noodles in sauce when serving immediately. If you leave noodles in sauce for long. Noodles will soak up liquid and also flavor. So boil on side when serving later. This Green Curry Chicken Recipe can be a perfect make-ahead meal only when noodles are cooked separately.

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With this recipe, I conclude series of Homemade Thai Curry pastes recipes that you saw on blog in past few weeks. What else do you want to see on blog? Leave a comment below and let me know.



Thai Green Curry Chicken Noodles Recipe | (2024)
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